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These are impressive numbers and the great thing is that you can take steps to join this 48%.

An effective way to save money is to automate it in a “set it and forget it” way so you save money without even realizing that you are doing it.

If you own a cell phone and a checking account, the Qapital app might be that solution to help you get there.

Configured properly, the Qapital app can be a true “out of sight, out of mind” way to put money away towards your emergency fund, save up for a trip or even set up long-term goals for the future.

How Qapital Works

Qapital is available to users on Android and iOS devices. It is also now FDIC insured for up to $250,000.

When you first download Qapital and create a bank account, you will have the opportunity to link a checking account you already have. Your checking account becomes your “funding account”.

Next, you will have to set “Goals” within the app that follow particular “Rules”. So you can decide that you have a goal saving $1,000 towards an emergency fund. You can then set the rule that $20 be moved from your funding account to a secure Qapital account every time you shop at the grocery store. You can even set up interesting rules that have you saving money every time you watch an NBA game on your phone for instance.

A more recent addition to Qapital is the ability to create a spending account which links to a Qapital Visa Debit card. The benefits with creating a Qapital spending account include:

How To Access The Money You Save With Qapital

When you save money with the Qapital app, the money is held at Wells Fargo.

However, the only way to access the money is through the Qapital app by transferring it to your regular checking account or you could get cash back when you use it in a store.

Withdrawal of your money can be made at any time and is free of charge.

If life happens and your funding account gets too low, you can simply pause the rules or cancel a transfer within the app.


For an app that is easily accessible on your phone and which links to your bank account, it would be surprising if security was not a concern.

The recent Equifax breach makes this an even more pressing need.

Qapital maintains that they do not sell your information to third-party companies and that your personal data is encrypted between the Qapital app and their servers.

The information from their servers to any third party partners is also encrypted so that sensitive information is not relayed from their end.

An extra word here: Although Qapital does provide these assurances for protecting your personal data, it is alright if you are wary of the security features and want to include an additional layer of protection using some form of identity theft protection service.

By and large, the Qapital app is a great, easy way to put money away towards any financial goal you have without having to actively think about it.

The Biggest Drawbacks Of Qapital

Although there have been independent raves about Qapital (like this one) and the Qapital app has a 4.8 rating in the Apple Store and 4.4 rating in the Android store, it would be irresponsible not to raise some of the misgivings some users have had about the app.

Amongst those complaints have been :

Most users however, (as per user reviews in the Apple Store and Android store) are very happy with the Qapital app and the “set it and forget it” nature of the app when it comes to saving money is a common reason they cite.

Final Thoughts On Qapital App

Despite some of the drawbacks, Qapital is a savior for people for whom the habit of saving money consistently has been difficult to establish.

If that sounds like you, you might just get a leg up on your financial goals in the coming months by simply trying it out.

Check out Qapital here.

Have you tried Qapital? What are your thoughts on it?


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