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On today’s episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, I interview my little brother while drinking wine next to a canal in Venice!

Brian, who is three years younger than me, isn’t actively pursuing financial independence but he’s done some really impressive things with his money and has used the power that money provides to fully pursue his passions.

Blue Coupe Performance

Brian Playing Cowbell with Members of Blue Öyster Cult

In fact, he’s currently in the middle of a ~6-month mini-retirement and is using the time off to travel and hopefully take his music career to the next level.

We dive into a lot of interesting financial topics but we also degenerate into some brotherly chat, which produced classic quotes like this one: “I took my solids elsewhere.”

Brian's Apartment

Brian’s “Apartment”

Hope you enjoy it!

And if you want to ask Brian anything (or if you have any connections in the traveling-musical-theater industry), please add a comment below!

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